Fishing at Walker Lake, Nevada
The only fish remaining in the lake are Lahontan cutthroat trout, tui chub, and to a lesser extent, Tahoe suckers. The lake stratifies from June through September and surface temperatures can reach 75ºF at the surface. Fishing us generally toughest during this time when trout suspend in deeper water. During October and November, trout have been found near the surface (1-15 feet deep) in open water. They then move into the shore zone areas around December. Boaters typically have the highest catch rates, especially when fish are offshore or suspended, but shore anglers do well from December to May. Under ideal environmental conditions, cutthroat trout can live up to 9 years and achieve weights greater than 10 pounds. In Walker Lake, however, the salinity and alkalinity have increased to near lethal limits for their survival. Currently, fish have been ranging is size from 13 to 25 inches and from 1 to 3 ½ pounds. Check at the local stores to determine fishing depth. Spoons and flatfish are the most productive lures. Shore fishing can, at times, be productive. Again, spoons are the preferred tackle.
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